Policy and regulations



  • Users are required to observation of this regulation.
  • The valet staff is required to ensure compliace with regulation.
  • with the withdrawal of the ticket and parking the vehicle in the parking space chosen, it is concluded a fixed-term contract having as its object the occupation of a parking place under the following conditions which are accepted by the driver fully and without reservation.
  • The contract does not object nor the deposit or custody of the vihicle is obliged watch being excluded.
  • It is accordingly excluded any responsability of management for any theft or damage, both total and partial, that the vehicle may suffer at the hands of third parties, as well as for damage or theft of items left on board, accessories and individual parts of the car.
  • Subscription purchase does not guarantee the reservation of parking space for both the subscriber acknowledges to have been informed that in case of full parking lot can not take advantage of the parking service.
  • It is obligatory to respect the highway code .
  • It is forbidden to park vehicle carrying dangerous goods or flammable substanse.
  • It is addition excluded from any liability for any damage that drivers can cause to them selves and to others, as well as damage caused by vandalism, popular uprising or derived from earthquakes, floods, various types of fire, natural disasters or acts of god.
  • Failure subscription exposure or the ticket of payment, will incur a penalty identified by the highway code.
  • the control personnel will have the task of prevention and detection of regular payment of parking and to collaborate with users in the regular membership. The valet staff will have the rigth to issue a notice of assessment.
  • The subscription is not refundable. In case of theft or loss, you need to make a complaint.
  • In case of change machine you need to submit with your subscription and receipt of payment a document certifying that the vehicle is replaced scrapped, sold or whatever.


  • The user must follow instructions provided for the individual usage on stopping securities in order to allow staff its control. Ticket or incomplete and/or irregular securities will be sanctioned in accordance with the highway code.
  • Parking is reserved for guests with tickets or other valid title.
  • The ticket must be displayed visibly in front of the machine, on the dashboard or on the glass.
  • Circulating pedestrians in the parking lot should have appropriate precautions, avoid going to places, even if unoccupied, intended for stopping vehicles.
  • The customer is liable for damages caused by his fault or caused to people and things that are found in the parking lot and is required to immediately notify personnel fires or damage caused.
  • The customer who deals with his motor vehicle parking stalls more jobs, even in part, is obliged to pay a double fare, or, at the discretion of The manager can provide, with expenses paid by the driver / owner of the vehicle, at the same removal.


    With reference to the personal information you provide to inform you that the data will be processed in accordance with contractual requirements and the consequent fulfillment of legal and contractual obligations as well as to achieve effective management of business relationships. The policy aimed exclusively at achieving the service offered, will be treated in written form and / or magnetic, electronic or computer updated and protected, as required by law no. 196/2003. While the communication and diffusion in compliance with legal obligations, the data may be communicated to managers, to processors (consultants, employees, service companies) or, for operational needs, aim to exercise their rights, to commercial categories or trading in credit. The data will be processed for the entire duration of the contract and even thereafter for the completion of all legal obligations and for future commercial purposes.

    When parking the vehicle the customer acknowledges to have read and accept the rules of this Regulation and for parking fees.